Utstillings kritikker Mojito

Dato Dommer Arrangør Resultat Krikker
Valp kl Baby - under 4 mndr
03.08.13 Britt Nyberg NBSK Moelv Nr 1 BIR Baby  
07.09.13 Frode Jevne NBSK Østfold nr 3 i klassen 4 - 6 mnd  
08.09.13 Marion Klok NBSK Buskerud nr 3 i klassen 4 - 6 mnd  
Junior klasse
01.02.14 Charlotte Høie NBSK Vestfold Exc 4 konk Great masculine male. Lovely type, size and substance. Fantastic temperament. Lovely head with lovely mass. Some bright eyes. Amazing skull. Good bones. Stylish angles, especially the back. Moves well from the side, but especially the right foreleg strikes when one sees coming to him. Hope this stabilizes. The tail must not be higher. Standing, he is almost to die for!
23.02.14 Yvonne Cannon NKK Bø Exc 1 konk CK Res Cert Mask headed dog. Exc bone, velpr  head. Exc balanced body. Good dep of chest and length of rib cage. Good topline, good angulation front and rear. Moves very well in profil. Moves a little close behind but with drive. Front action loose , still young. Wonderful eye.
29.03.14   Berlin Rase utstilling Ex JugendSieger Berlin 2014
29.05.14 H Werner Hagen NBSK avd Øvre Exc 4 konk Mask appealing outline. Exc prop in head. Good neck. Strong topline, excellent substance in chest and front. Slightly heavy in body. Good hind legs and angulation. A little heavy ( slow ) in movements. Excellent coat and color. Prima temprament.
07.06.14 Edd Bivin NBSK Torpomoen  VG 4 konk  
Unghund klasse
06.09.14 Maija Heniliä NBSK Buskerud Exc 3 konk A pleasant male of excellent type. Slightly long in the body and low set. Masculine good head. The lips could be tighter and darker eyes. Well angulated, strong short between the feet. Correct cross and tail. Nice coat and color, moves efficiently from the side, slightly loose forward. Excellent temperament
07.09.14 Petra Junehall NBSK Østfold Good 16 mths medium sized, somewhat long. Good type. Masculine very rough head. Light eyes disrupts expression. Good muzzle, correct bite. Short neck, soft topline. Scarce angles, sinking in front both standing and walking. Suitable boned, slightly short chest, long loins. Short straight cross gives too high tail carriage. Could have had more muscles. A little weak and narrow in hock. Moving out of balance. Wavy coat, structure not in the best condition, but good color and markings. Stable temperament
14.11.14 Atrid Indrebø Dogs4All Exc 3 konk  
15.11.14 Hans Rosenberg Dogs4All Exc 3 konk  
28.12.14 Anna Tiets Letohallen VG 2 konk  
21.02.15sa Svante Frisk NKK Bø Good  
14.03.15 Wera Hubenthal NKK Kr sand VG 2 Konk  
Åpen klasse
23.05.15 Stephen Hourihan NBSK Torpomoen Exc  
06.09.15   Hans Von de Berg EuroVinner 2015 VG