About us



Who are we behind this kennel ? 

We are two girls, Torill Bogstad and Elin Normannseth who has this kennel together. We are living in a small place call Gjerdrum , about 3,5 mile from Oslo,the capital of Norway. 

At first both Torill and Elin have their own kennel by them self. Torills had Armand Kennel, breeding Bernese Mountain Dog. And Elin LeUlva Kennel, breeding border collies and longhair dachshund. But we have been co-working together for many years, as long as we have known each other.

When Torill wanted a break from the dog-world a few years ago, did Elin take over her dogs at that time. Elin then had one litter of Bernese Mountain Dog with the kennel-name LeUlva.

When Torill wanted ”back”, it feel it natural to have a common name. And we just ”put” these two names together, LeUlva + Armand = LeeArmand. Exist since may 1995.  

To day we have many dogs from our own breeding, and some from others breeder