Belle Au Bois Dormant av LeeArmand


 HIPS Clear ( B ) Elbow Clear

This is our own breeding after NUCH Le Coucou Bambin av LeeArmand. She is 3 generation of own breeding, and a grand-grand daugther of Nitzie. We are very happy over the chance of keeping something from this blood-line.

Belle is living together with Nina and her family , who takes very good care of her. Nina is lucky to have a summer-place in Son, near Oslo-fjord ( see the nice pictures from a visit there summer 2003 ) Its a great place for people and dogs.

Belle remind us about her granmother Love, and it seems like she is growing to be very like her. Belle got the size for it, she is a big female and well-boned. But need more time to develop proper.

We have show her serval times, she got many res CCs, but not yet a CC.

Belle got a great temper, and have inherit her mothers bad habit to steal food from the table !!!