CoinKiller av LeeArmand


 HIPS Clear/Elbow clear

One of our youngst male, and a very valuable contribution to the breeding here in Norway. His pedigree is free from Sennettas Sixten and Macis Kempe ( 2 breed-dogs heavy just in Norway ). We can juse Coin on many of our own females.

Coin is a lovely dog, with a great typical head, fantastic temper. He is just like a puppy, good and kind – or what we call it; Lovely stupid ! Not one of the biggest male in size, but still growing. We give him time.

Coin just love everybody, small or big. Particulary Nikolai and puppies, all kind of puppies. You can image what the small and tiny dachs-puppies thinks, when this big ( really for them ! ) dog come to visit .

We was wondering if Coin was abel to mate since he is this ”puppy” in head. But we don’t need to worry. He is a nature talent for mating, the mating is done quickly and effective. Whitch has given him the nick-name: Little Rabbit !!!

11.01.03 Coins first litter was born, 8 puppies, 2 + 3 are alive. And during 2003 many more puppies has been born.