Born in north of Norway, but moved to Fetsund ( a smal place east of Oslo ) in 1981. Got her first dog at age 17, a border collie Shiba. The first longhair dachshund, miniature was Dinja which she got the first year in Fetsund. And started the breeding with.

But the first  really ”dream-dog” was Leroy – a German Sheepdog. Elin trained him and started with him in obedience. They won a lot of competitions, and he was an amazing dog to have.

Her breed started with a litter of Border collie in 1984, the first litter of dachshund came in 1985.  Elin meet with Torill for the first time when they both was horseback-riding in Fetsund.

Elin had a dream of becoming a judge for many years. She travel around for many years , showing her dog and others. Building up experience for later. In 2000 she apply to Norwegian Kennel Club to be a jugde for Dachshund. And in sep 2001 she became, after study and learing a lot – an FCI jugde for Dachshund.

A dream came true !! Her first commission as a jugde was in may 2002.

Elin has a son Nikolai born in sep 1995. He had to love dogs, only 16 days old he was on his first dog-show ! Did he had any choice ????