Ladys Man av LeeArmand


Hips clear ( A ) / elbow clear

Sigurd came back to us in july 2003. His owner couldn’t keep him loonger because of medicale reason. But it was not easy for her to bring him back.

We got back a great dog. Sigurd is just like his brother Coin, a very happy dog. But perhaps a bit calmer . Sigurd is a litle bit bigger in size compare to Coin, but could have better legs behind.

He moved to family Simonsen in Eidsvold sept 2003. They change his name from Gismo to Sigurd, no problem. They have it great together and Sigurd have settle down.

This dog is probably the dog who has got the shortest career in the ring. He got 1 prize on his first show ever in Lillestrøm 05.10.03 and was therefore approve for breeding. We is pleased with that.