Danish Queentess av LeeArmand


 Hips clear ( A ) / elbow clear

When we finally succeed having a litter after Tertzoís Ladykiller ( Denmark ) , we choose to keep both a female and a male. Itís exciting that the puppies grandmother, is half-sister to Nitzie.

The litter is over 2 years and all clear in the elbow, 4 of them free in hips. One male got 0-1 in hips. An excellent litter for breeding.

Huldra is living together with Jane and her family here in Gjerdrum. Sharing home with Sneezy Stripe av LeeArmand ( Troll ) and Pernille av LeeArmand (dachs )

Huldra is developing very nice in her body, and she surprise us big when she started winning in shows. She was ment to be a breed-dog, but first she have to great things to do in the ring. She got serval res CCís, 2 CCís, won BOB for Gunnel Holm Finland. And is lacking CC from NKK to became a Champion. Just wait !