Norwegian & Swedish Champion Swedish Winner-94 Tertzo's Vinnitzi


Hips clear / elbow 2-2

Nitzi came from Ina Olsen, Tertzo's kennel to Norway 1 years old in jan-1991. It was Torill who took her in, but most of the time she lived by Elin.

Nitzi was unik to us, there is not many of her kind. Unfortunately did we lose her too soon. Nitzi had to be put down 27 july 1997 when her heart failed, she became 6,5 year. It was terrible and we miss her deeply.

Nizti was The Dog ! She toke part in many dog-show and won a lot! One of the biggest incident was when she won BOB and became Swedish Winner -94 for Hans Lethinen, Finland. That was a great moment and a record it toke 8 years for another norwgian BMD to copy. She was placed in groups many time, and was 2 Most Winning BMD in Norway 1994.

Nitzi had a great temper, more tuff then gentel. But she was upright, it never ended with a fight. She was obstinate, bur if she first learn something - it was there ! Like pulling carriage, first time we try it, Nitzi went ballistic. Everthing went around. But when she had learn it right, we could take her everywhere. She was at work and nothing bother her.

When Nikolai was born, the guarddog wake up! The baby was 100 % safe with her near by. The fact that he was not safe when he started walking, is a other story. Nitzi didn't know how big she really was, and how big damage her wagging tail could do. It wasn't few times we had to pick up a little boy from under table and in corners after "the tornado" Nitzi had pass by him. But Nikolai just loved his "Titsi" as long as he had the chance.

We choice to breed on Nitzi even that she had 2-2 in her elbows. We ment that her other qualifications went over and we never regret doing it. She got 2 litter, one with dam NUCH Hermann Rubio, 6 puppies (  9 born ) and 1 with dam Armands Flapper, 3 puppies ( 5 born ).All 9 free in hips, and just weak grade in elbows. 3 of them became Champions so we are very pleased with the result.

One is LP I II III S SF Uch S L Ch Axl Rose av LeUlva, owner Tina Bjernby Sweden. Axl was father to a lot of puppies in Sweden , his result for Hip/elbow are one of the best.

So Nitzi keep on living true her children, and grand-children. And perhaps some time we wil one day have a new "Nitzi" ? But we are lucky and happy that her grandson Le Coucou Bambin av LeeArmand is bringing her blood-lines further.