One More Time av Milkcreek


Hips clear ( b )/ elbow clear

Ono, the last dog from Kennel Milkcreek. And a daughter of Sennettas Sixten. A very firm lady, who is living with friends of us near by Torill.

Ono, like her half-sister Nellan, are a very lively bitch, full of her self. She take us by surprize when she start winning a lot at shows. Our plan for her was just breeding.

Ono has got 1 CC, and several res CCs. But first of all, she is a breeding dog for us. And has done well at that point as well.

Her first litter dam NUCH Le Coucou Bambin av LeeArmand, was born june 29 2001. 7 male and 2 female lived and became great puppies. They are all very typical for the breed, with great temper. One male is aready a champion, more to come just lackling on CC !

Her second litter was born sept 1 2002. 3 male and 3 female, all great dogs with very nice temper. 

Ono's 3 litter was born dec 13 2003. Again 3 female and 3 male was born alive, our Winther-litter after Sigurd ( Ladys Man av LeeArmand )