Norwegian & Swedish Champion Armands Midnight Lover 


Hips clear / elbow clear.

Rocky was Torill's first dog. He was a fine dog, big, well-boned with a typical and incredible head. But not last, a super temper.

Rocky was father to serval litters, both here in Norway and in Sweden. A great show-dog who became the most winning BMD male 2 years ahead.  A lot of his offspring became Champion, and did well in the ring. Example NUCH Alfa Sennen Midas who became Most Winning BMD in 1990 and NUCH Armands Purple Rain.

As a male Rocky was just great, he was The King. Elins 1 years younger German Sheepherd Leroy could do anything he wanted, without any reaction from Rocky. Even after Leroy had made a hole in Rocky's muzzel ( leaving a scar for the rest of his life ) Rocky didn't do anything back.

Rocky lives for 10 years, healty without problems. His visits to the vets was anly for vaccination. But on his older days, he was unlucky and wear off one of the sinow in a leg behind. He recovered well after this, but after some time it became very difficult for him to stand up by himself.

01.11.92 was he put down to the vet, and a epoch ended !