Nordic Champion Forbidden Victory av Leearmand


Hips D / elbow clear.

Tequila is a daughter of Åsti, and a real member of what we like to call ” one-puppy-gang” But Tequila was lucky, and grown up with a ”sister” ; Ylva the Bullmastiff.

Tequila is living with Cathrine and her family and dogs. 

Our sky-high expectation for a very promising puppy, turn out to be right ! Only 9,5 months old won Tequila 2 x CC, 2 X BOB and 3 Best in group in Tromsø july 2000.

She have had a fabulous career in the ring, became Norwegian Champion 2 years old. Swedish and Danish Champion in 2002, her title is Nordic Champion. She has won BOB serval times , placed in group many times. And atend to Winner Galla in 2002 and also qualify for this years Winner Galla.

She is just a great show-dog! 

Tequila have HD ( Hip-dysplasi ) and we can’t breed on her. We find that very regrettable since you should look long and hard to find a better dog then her. Her lovely temper and way of being is just great. She is so calm , nothing seem to disturb her at all.