Torill is born in Gjerdrum. She got her first dog , a Bernese Mountain Dog in 1983. It was ”Rocky” Armands Midnight Lover. Rocky became Norwegian and Swedish Champion, won a lot of dog-shows and father many litters. Both in Norway and Sweden. He was a great dog, and maid Torill interested in breeding and showing dogs.

Torill has been marrid, have 2 children; Robin born i 1991 and Irene born in 1999. She move back to Gjerdrum in 1996.

Together with her x-husband, Torill also have 2 Greyhounds. One of them was Iben, Multi Ch Jet’s For Your Eyes Only. Most winning Greyhound for years.  

After moving back to Gjerdrum, Torill buy a horse called Banjar. Banjar became a great way of traing the dogs, and they love running together with him. 

Torill is the one of us who ”runs” things at home, while Elin is travling around at dog-shows.